I told you – my family is all about LEGO lately. Bringing it back to the basics and trying to not buy toys that require a battery. In support of Disney’s upcoming release of ‘Prince of Persia’, LEGO has come out with a ‘Desert Attack’ box set for our little ones. Now, Liam is definitely NOT 6 years old, so I would NEVER let him play with this toy on his own – but for older kids, this is a great birthday present in the making.

7569 LEGO Desert Attack

Hidden in their secret lair, the evil Hassansins are busy planning their next move on the city of Alamut, but Dastan has a different plan! Builders help as he surprises them on their own turf, barely giving the Hassansins time to pounce.

57 pieces; Age 6+; $10.99.

Is your family LEGO loving? My mall just opened a brand new store and the kids LOVE walking through and seeing all the different sets you can get.

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