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I had a really nice weekend with the family. My mom slept over on Friday and we cooked up a storm. I have 5 or 6 different ‘Inside the Kitchen’ posts written up and ready to go because of it! On Saturday, Bill and I ran out to the movies and saw ‘Price of Persia’ – eh. It was OK. Nothing too spectacular there. I didn’t realize it was PG-13 until I was in my SEAT.

Then Saturday evening two of my cousins came over and we cooked some more. Erica got drunk in like 5 minutes off of my blackberry lemonade (posting this week). It was hilarious! We had a really great dinner and then rented ‘The Fourth Kind’ – a movie with Milla Jovovich. I thought the story was true. In the beginning of the film, Milla says that the original footage they show is real – so like a child I believe her. Halfway into the movie I’m practically throwing up on myself thinking all of this really happened. At the end of the movie I was hiding behind the couch while my entire family was making fun of me for believing it all. I went online and found out it wasn’t real… and felt like a fool. LOL!!! Whatever – I like to be scared. So for a while, it really had me.

On Sunday, Bill and I took the kids to Long Beach for a morning walk. When we got there, we were told we had to pay $12 bucks EACH to get onto the beach. I DID NOT pay because that’s outrageous! We didn’t even have our bathing suits on – we just wanted to get our feet wet. No thank you.ย  That was the first and last time I will visit Long Beach.

That evening we went to see Glee Live at Radio City Music Hall. A PR company I work with a lot sent tickets as a thank you. I really enjoyed myself and am going to rent the first season to check the show out. I’ve never seen it!!

On Monday we spent the day in town attending the local fair and parade. It was a nice relaxing day. Quiet and easy – just how I like it. Susan Lucci and her daughter were at the fair because they live in town. No one really bothered them which was nice to see. My guess is everyone is so used to seeing them all the time since they live here.

The last thing I did was add text to my phone plan. I get like 3 free text messages a month or something – and beyond that they are blocked. But none of my friends seem to remember that I don’t get their messages. Over the weekend, a cousin said they were texting me about something and I finally caved. I unblocked and have joined the world of texters. I feel younger already… LOL!

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