I find that whenever I travel, I try to limit what I’m carrying in an attempt to avoid airport security. Well, if my husband can bring along 14 undershirts and 14 pairs of socks on a 5 day trip, then I can bring along my cleansing system!

If you want to scale down your make up bag, consider purchasing Gly / Sal pads. The ones I have are from the LIPSG center (which is also where I did my laser hair removal). These pads help unclog blackheads and promote smoother skin. Take them along to remove surface oils during the day, use at home to remove residual make-up after cleansing, or incorporate into your daily treatment regimen for shaving bumps. They leave your skin feeling totally clean and toned.

Since they are pads – you don’t have to worry about airport liquid restrictions. So you can carry them on and keep them in your bag for mid-day usage. Worth a try!

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