Remember that Fashion Hauling video I made about bathing suits? They all went back – didn’t look good on me. I’m not a frilly girl. Thought I could be, but I felt funny with the ruffle.

I thought about trying a cut out one piece and haven’t seen any in my mall runs. So, I did a quick Google Search and found Venus had one I liked:


It’s $24 and worth a shot. My tan lines are going to be really funny… but that’s ok.


I also fell in love with this print and threw it into my shopping bag as well. The tankinis I have are all so low cut in the front and I’m embarrassed to wear them to the gym. At least with this one, my breasts will be covered up more. Have you started to go shopping for bathing suits? Leave a link on this post so I can check out what you’ve been eying.

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