Do your guy have a sense of humor? I received a copy of ‘Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES‘ to review for MOTHER’S DAY and I thought that it was a tad bit inappropriate for my holiday. HOWEVER, I do think it could be a great addition to a gift you are putting together for Dad for Father’s Day. With it’s raw humor and surprisingly scrumptious recipes, this cookbook is perfect for college students, children who just moved out of the house and anyone else that needs to look at cooking from a different angle.

Want to see some free recipes from the book? No problem! Click here for a sampling.

With over 52 recipes for entrées, appetizers, sides, soups, stews and homemade salad dressings, Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES! aims to provide something for everyone’s unique taste and skill level. Fare ranges from simple meatloaf and stir-fry to ribs, pasta, and lamb. Each dish, like the Chicken Curry Tacos, aspires to blend several cuisines to create unexpected flavors.

Have you heard of this book before? I’m telling you – I really think they are onto something here. If you want your son or daughter to start helping more around the house, I can see it happening with this book over ‘The Joy of Cooking’

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