Straw-lution Mess vs No Mess

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture just about sums up the Straw-lution Straw! Simply put – mess versus no mess! This ingenious little problem solver created by mama-preneur Jamie Wallace is touted as the “straw that goes in, but doesn’t come out!” You know what? It truly doesn’t! This BPA-free straw has little teeth that open up when placed through any cup or food container, like pudding (shown below) or yogurt (shown above). Now, anyone ages 9 months and up can enjoy their drink, snack or yogurt with no spoon and no mess! This is great for little ones who are just learning to feed themselves, especially when you are out and about, and don’t have the time or ability to clean up properly after your toddlers feed themselves. (or feed the floor around them!)

Straw-lution 1

Check them out online! You will LOVE this revolutionary little straw!

*Company sent a sample for review.

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