Just because you CAN afford to buy something doesn’t mean you HAVE to.

That quote hit me in the head like a ton of bricks. We have become a society that mistakes WANT for NEED. We don’t NEED to have 5 televisions and 2 cars and take an extravagant trip a year. We don’t NEED to buy the latest and greatest just because we have the money to do so. Heck, I won’t even pay for bottles of tea anymore because at $4 a pop, I think it’s a CRIME.

Come join me!

The more we save now, the more we will have later. And the later is what matters the most, right?

I just found Budgets are Sexy, a website about money management that doesn’t read like the Wall Street Journal. As smart as I am, my eyes glaze over once things start to sound too dry and this site doesn’t have that affect on me even though they are talking about something of quality.

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