You know when you start working on something and you have such passion and BELIEF that it will be great that you can’t stop thinking about it and it consumes your very being?

What? That just happens to me?

In 2005 I started ‘I’m Not Obsessed‘. In 2009 I branched out to create ‘Lady and the Blog‘ and in 2010 ‘Getting Gorgeous’ was born. GG is my baby and is co-parented by one of my DEAREST friends Audrey McClelland. Ever meet someone who you just absolutely CLICK WITH? Yeah, that’s how it is with me and the blondie.

Audrey and I adore fashion. She worked for Donna Karan for many years before becoming a mom and blogger and I… just really love to shop. I’ve been following celebrity trends since I started INO and all this knowledge was just BURSTING through the seams. We figured we needed to do something about it!

So, what’s ‘Getting Gorgeous‘? It’s fashion targeted to moms. Audrey and I found that there is a segment of the mom population that is LEFT OUT of mass marketing. It seems that the fashion industry has a real hold on the 20-something ‘Sex and the City’ types, the business execs, or the nearly retired. Well, what about the rest of us? I’m a mom and I want to dress on trend, but can’t look to Miley Cyrus for advice. Where’s my tips on what to wear to the park or a lunch out with friends? Our bodies change. Our mentality changes… but the industry stays the same.

‘Getting Gorgeous’ focuses on OUR needs.

Come on ladies. You know what happens. We have children, become sleep deprived and eventually find ourselves munching on cold chicken nuggets and throwing on yoga pants (when we don’t do yoga) to run household errands. We’re not saying it always has to be glamorous, but we are saying let’s put ourselves BACK ON THE LIST.

The official first launch for ‘Getting Gorgeous’ is on August 6th in NYC. We are inviting mommy bloggers who are going to spend the day getting pampered and having INFORMATIVE conversation with reputable brands.

  • It’s not JUST about getting their hair done. It’s about teaching them what they need to do to be able to do it themselves at home.
  • It’s about putting them in front of a celebrity stylist and having them be able to ask any question they want. (ROBERT VERDI)
  • It’s about getting proper bra fittings – come on! You know we are all wearing the same bra size we did in High School (whether or not it’s accurate).
  • It’s about getting FREE SWAG so they can all go home and try out the new goods and write about their favorite finds so their readers can benefit from the event too. Click here to see a list of our current sponsors. TRUST ME – this puppy is growing. We just need to have a few more contracts signed before I add any logos.

Not a mommy blogger? Not going to be in NYC in August? No problem! Visit Getting Gorgeous for more information. We are going to be posting EVERYTHING we do that day and then some. There will be online giveaways and Twitter competitions so everyone who doesn’t attend gets to have a little fun too. I am SO happy that we have officially launched. I want this little birdie to fly high!

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