2010-06-14 14.51.51

Both my children have officially “graduated” from school… and all we have left are pool days and warm nights. I’m actually excited for them. Bill and I decided we are really going to take them to the beach a LOT this summer. Might as well make the most of their childhood, right?

In other news… I think my postman hates me. No, seriously. He has to hate me. I get at least 2 packages a day sent to me (ON THE REGULAR). And now that I am handling the gift bags for my upcoming ‘Getting Gorgeous‘ event with Audrey McClelland… there’s a lot more coming my way. The other day that poor man brought in 9 HUGE BOXES of stuff. I just kept apologizing! I should take a picture of my basement to show you what I am storing!!

And as if I needed to add more pounds on his plate, I’m STILL bathing suit shopping. All the ones I purchased last week came and looked HORRIBLE on me. Remember the high waisted ones? Oy vey! Not working. So, what I”m going to do is just deal with the skirt and wear a bikini top or a tankini and leave it at that. The legs still need some work.


Have you heard of Vela Shape? I know Kim Kardashian does it all the time. It’s supposed to flatten out the cellulite bumps. I called the place where I do my laser hair removal and they do it there for $250 a SESSION. The website says you need like 8 sessions to see real results. BUT BOY – CHECK OUT THESE RESULTS! I’m like lifting up my couch cushions looking for pennies as we SPEAK. LOL!! I’m keeping my eye out on this bad boy – will let you know if I hear anything else on it.

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