Have you ever gone to a beach club before? Yesterday afternoon, I had a chance to visit one fairly close to my house. It was SO COOL. I don’t think I can justify the cost of owning one on my own, but I really did like the set up. Each cabana had a person assigned to setting up and breaking down your chairs / tables / umbrellas etc. No more dragging stuff to and from the car. It was super easy to do with the kids too. It’s so funny because I never heard of these clubs before moving to my town. Apparently, a lot of people go to the beach this way.


After I finished my morning shift on INO, I did some damage on ideeli. I can’t help myself – it’s like a drug, but I am super excited about what I got. Loving that bag! Hope it gets here soon.

This week I am going to see the Twilight movie with some friends and have to start gearing up for my kids’ bday party. We have SO MANY PEOPLE COMING. All the husbands are coming which we really didn’t anticipate. It’s good that we know though because we wouldn’t have had enough food otherwise. LOL! Viva La Evite guest count.

I also found out about this cruise to nowhere! I’ve been toying with going on a cruise (a SHORT one because of my vertigo) for a while now. If I can’t handle it, then I will never go on another one – but I AT LEAST want to try to do ONE in my lifetime. Our friends told us there is a cruise that is one night out of NY and it’s a huge boat. You get to use the amenities of the boat and check out if cruising is for you. I’m in! I think they said it’s in either November or January and I can’t wait to give it a shot. If I am good then it’s off to the Caribbean for me. FINGERS CROSSED.

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