I’m always SHOCKED when I see celebrities in person. 5 feet high and 85 pounds soaking wet? It really is true that the camera adds on 10 pounds.



Last night I was invited to attend a Sheryl Crow concert at the Ed Sullivan Theatre. It was a 45 minute set and was focused on promoting her new album ‘100 Miles to Memphis’. What a show! The woman can sing and… does a MEAN IMPRESSION of Michael Jackson when he was part of the ‘Jackson 5’. I’m talking exactly like him!! My cousin Dana and I were standing there dumb founded. My brain couldn’t connect that Sheryl was singing ‘I Want You Back’ because it was Michael’s child voice.

100 Miles From Memphis Track Listing
1. “Our Love Is Fading”
2. “Eye to Eye” (featuring Keith Richards)
3. “Sign Your Name” (featuring Justin Timberlake)
4. “Summer Day”
5. “Long Road Home”
6. “Say What You Want”
7. “Peaceful Feeling”
8. “Stop”
9. “Sideways” (featuring Citizen Cope)
10. “100 Miles from Memphis”
11. “Roses and Moonlight”
12. “I Want You Back”

Check out the video for ‘Summer Day – her new single. Are you a Sheryl Crow fan? I ADORE her.

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