Today I finally got through the 350 gift bags for ‘Getting Gorgeous’. There were some MAJOR hiccups with my method. A few of my cousins came over and we spent HOURS doing the bags – and that’s because my system was OFF. I would come across stuff that was packed away and not in the hundreds of bags that were already filled – so we would have to go back and refill.

Too much back tracking.

Lesson learned: take the time out to organize everything first – THEN begin to stuff. I will be prepared for the next one.

My little Natalie wanted to help this morning, so I let her stuff two bags. She was so excited!! My cousins – on the other hand – were not! 🙂 LOL – I told them they each are entitled to one organ of mine. I think the liver and two kidneys are taken at this point.

Tomorrow Bill and I are going to stuff 350 bags from Sketchers and then attach them to the 350 we just did today. And I believe ‘The Rachel Ray Magazine’ is sending over 350 copies. So again – I will have to go through the entire group one last time.

It is absolutely mind numbing – but we can all use a few hours of absolute quiet right? You can’t possibly THINK of another thing when you are in work mode like this. I have been enjoying the quiet. Glass is half full right?

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