Oh my word.

I couldn’t have ASKED for a better group of women to attend the first ‘Getting Gorgeous‘ event. I mean – it was just SUCH a great ride!

Audrey McClelland and I were dry heaving for about 48 hours prior to the launch, but once the ball started to roll it was an easy ride.

The best part about the whole thing was actually MEETING people I am friends with online. It was so bizarre… but I just felt like I knew this ladies forever. I actually lost my voice at the end of the night because of how much talking I did throughout the day.

Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and making memories with my family. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Today, I am packing up my hotel room and dropping into the actual BlogHer conference to see what’s doing over at the Hilton. I am probably going to stay about an hour or so and then head home. I hardly got any sleep last night because my mind was just RACING with excitement. I’ve mentioned I can be a bit manic at times – so I’m lucky to be standing this morning! 😉

That pic is of Audrey and me posing with Robert Verdi – who was so fun and amazing. We were trying on a pair of Miracle Body jeans and Getty photography was snapping away.

Our event also got a mention in the WSJ today thanks to an event our sponsor Skechers threw right before the opening of ‘Getting Gorgeous’. WHAT A DAY!!!

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