LOL – I had SUCH A SORE THROAT after the end of Getting Gorgeous. Right after our party ended, Audrey and I hosted a Stride Rite event for another 2 hours. I didn’t walk into my hotel room until about 10:30PM. I started my day around 6AM and LITERALLY talked the entire time.

When we got back to the London to sleep, I didn’t even know where I was, but I knew the room was SO BEAUTIFUL! And it was CHEAPER than the Warwick. I couldn’t believe it! My mouth dropped when I walked in the room.

My cousin Dana can literally ask me for ANYTHING and I will have to give it to her. She stayed with me for 2 days straight and helped with the nitty gritty. Erica too. I’m going to start getting phone calls at 4AM asking for foot rubs… and I’m going to have to do it. LOL.

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