I was recently introduced to Nubonau. The website offers all Natural and Organic Skincare lines. Some I’ve heard of, some were new to me. I’ll admit, I’m not an “all-natural girl” and I don’t live my life completely organic. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I have my habits and sometimes habits are hard to break. Nubonau makes it easy to get all of my families natural and organic skincare needs in one place! I’m also lucky enough to live close to their boutique in the Forum Shops in Carlsbad, CA. If their boutique smells anything like the votive candle that I got from them, I can’t WAIT to step into their store!

Some of the items I bought from their website were:

Baby Lip & Cheek balm by Erbaviva. My daughter has a slight case of excema and I am constantly putting lotion on her face. It makes me feel better to be putting something organic and natural on her on a daily basis.

I also purchased:

Sniffles Baby Chest Balm by Erbaviva. I’m saving this for the late night coughing attacks that will be arriving with their fall colds that we always get around here!

Piggy Paint Nail Varnish…YES! All natural nail polish and polish remover!!

Green Apple Age Defying Solutions Kit….ALL for me!! Because I’m not getting any younger and I’m trying to defy aging as long as possible!

Check out all of the amazing products they have to offer at www.nubonau.com

Not only does Nubonau offer so many great products all in one place, but when I received my shipment I was completely blown away with how beautiful the packaging was! I didn’t pay extra for gift wrapping either! Very Very impressive! The follow up email to say “Thanks” was a nice touch too!

*company provided sample for review

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