My niece, Layla, is growing out of her swaddling phase so when I saw Soothe TIME’s Snooze Wrap and Snooze Sheet, I got excited. Soothe TIME is dedicated to helping parents and babies find sleeping solutions. I found out swaddling mimics the coziness of the womb, hence the reason babies love it. Its important, though, to allow them space to get used to their limbs so tight swaddling may not be the best thing past 3 months.

Soothe TIME’s Snooze Wrap is the perfect solution for this phase. Its a wrapping blanket that is also designed to support the baby’s back and head. Its adjustable so you can use it as the baby grows. Its also super easy to use. Each panel has soft velcro at the end so it snaps gently in place. This is perfect for babies that need to go to the babysitter’s or grandma’s. Its very easy to figure out and put together. The Snooze Wrap also allows you to leave the baby’s arms out, if desired. I’ve noticed that the back of Layla’s head is flat and, apparently, this is a problem that is sending many babies to therapy. Because the baby spends so much time lying down, the back of the head can stay in that shape. The Snooze Wrap has a donut shaped support pad where the baby’s head goes, thus addressing this issue.

The Snooze Wrap also comes with a Snooze Sheet. Its a basic crib sheet with a softer fabric center so no-one taking care of the baby has to guess where to place the baby, for safe sleeping.

These are all available for less than $20 at your local Babies-R-Us.

Written by Tabitha

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