Ok, remember I told you I was reading ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ and I didn’t think it was possible? Well, I still don’t think it’s possible, but there are things that we all can do to make our lives simpler and Timothy is most certainly opening my eyes to that notion.

While I can’t necessarily commit to checking emails once a week (snicker snicker) I CAN REDUCE the email that’s coming in. At least the ones I have control over. I spent the last few hours unsubscribing to everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I”m talking coupon sites, discount sites, Facebook notifications, EVERY STORE I patron, RSS feeds – I’m DONE!!!

And I also contacted a virtual assistant in India – no I’m not kidding. For $6.75 an hour I am ready to unload some of this nonsense that I have on my plate.

So maybe Timothy wasn’t so wrong after all. He writes the extreme which doesn’t really speak to 99% of his audience I am sure, but there are some real lessons from it all. Even online tools to manage scheduling, contacts, tasks etc. I am starting to rethink the madness.

Take this as my official retraction. The 4 Hour Work Week is IMPOSSIBLE – but there’s enough great content in there to make it a must read for entrepreneurs, business owners, and those looking to lighten the load.

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