I got a plug in scentsy warmer from one of the parties I attended at BlogHer. I was going through my stuff the other day and decided to actually use some of it to get it out of the way. Thinking nothing of it, I plugged in my Scentsy and walked away. Moments later my entire house smelt beautifully and I found a new staple for the Sweeney residence.

With regular candles, I always end up throwing away the bottom because the wick ends before the wax and there’s nothing to do. The glass also ends up being disposed and it’s all very wasteful.

With the Scentsy you keep reusing the plug-in and just replace the wax that melts on top. If you are a candle person, there are a MILLION styles / smells to choose from. And each square lasts DAYS. I’ve been running on my first square a few hours a day. It’s been about a week and we are still going strong.

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