The McAfee issue I’m having with I’m Not Obsessed is currently out of my hands. I’ve done everything I could and am just waiting for them to correct. Yesterday I thought that I could either sit in front of my computer and bang my head against the keyboard or take the kids outside for the day. I naturally opted for the latter.

They played outside for a few hours, then we headed into town for our weekly tennis lesson and finally met up with a friend at our local pool. We didn’t get home until 8:30. The kids were EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that means it was a good day, right?

Today I am meeting my best friend for lunch. She is in Queens and I am ALL OVER THAT. Driving to New Jersey… is not fun for me. It takes almost 2 hours and I’m pooped before our day even begins.

I have SO MUCH going on that I can’t legally talk about – but it’s good and it’s crazy and you aren’t going to believe it. When it all starts happening I will talk more about it. But just know that there are many balls in the air right now. They are all either going to hit me on the head and knock me out for good or they will help me put on a really great show. Time will tell.

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