I cannot BELIEVE this. I went to get my wedding rings cleaned and resized. I’ve been wearing them on my right hand for 5 years – ever since Natalie was born. I gained some weight and I rushed to get them enlarged NOT THINKING that I would ever lose the excess pounds eventually. Big mistake.

Well, I visited my old jeweler because I was in Queens visiting a friend and he told me my wedding ring is ruined. Basically, the platinum reshaped into an oval and now all the stones are loose. I don’t know HOW it happened, but over the years the metal just took a new shape.


He wouldn’t even CLEAN it. He said it was so bad that he didn’t want to mess around with adding pressure or steam. I was able to resize my engagement ring – to a 4 1/4 oh my goodness – which I am happy about because it just keeps the other one in place.

So, I get an estimate to get a new ring- $1300!!! That’s just for the ring. We would reuse my diamonds.

I have to do something. I can’t just keep wearing this ring while it’s so messed up. But $1,300 is a lot of money!

The funny thing is I haven’t taken my ring off in SO LONG that I had no idea it was a different shape. It is like a flat oval at this point. cr-azy

Has this ever happened to you?

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