Rides. Rides. Rides. Day 2 of our Virginia trip was all about adrenaline. You don’t even KNOW what Bill did. A roller coater that drops at a 90 degree angle!! I’m Not Joking – I was FREAKING OUT just WATCHING it in action.

We took the kids to Busch Gardens for the day and BOY did we have fun. The amusement park wasn’t very crowded considering we are in August. Hardly any lines – it was such a TREAT. Bill and I were talking about heading down here again (maybe driving and making a long trip of it) because of how great our experience was at the park.

There is a good mix of kid to adult rides. Natalie had more options than Liam naturally, but he did no complaining.

There were characters to meet.

Photo opps all around the park.

And enough excitement to make the kids pass out from exhaustion. THIS is when Bill went on a few of the crazy roller coasters. OH MY WORD!

Bill is trying to hide a chocolate dipped Oreo in this shot. You know – the whole entire cookie. It’s not like he would… take a BITE out of one, right? It’s all in or nothing at all. 🙂

Is that video CRAZY OR WHAT? The people are facing down during the drop – STRAIGHT DOWN. I can’t even think about it!

And THIS RIDE was the most confusing of the park. I was with the kids while Bill went in. Everyone was walking into the “Arrivals” door instead of the “Departure” door because they assumed they were arriving instead of viewing the ride as if it was an airport. It was comical. The woman guarding the door needs a stiff drink after her shift because all she kept doing was correcting the crowd – I MEAN NONSTOP! I felt sorry for her.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. Actually – TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY it’s supposed to rain. So we have to get creative about what we plan on doing with the kids. There are a few things to do at the hotel  – we might stay very low key. One thing I know for sure is I’m getting some waffles in the AM. There are more waffle houses in this vicinity than anyone else I’ve ever seen. You can’t HELP but want one for breakfast. 🙂

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