I promise – this will be the last post about my recent family trip to Virgina. I PROMISE. I just want to clear out my desktop and this is the last set of pics from our stay down south.

We had some time to kill and noticed that the Virginia Aviation Museum was up the block from the airport. Instead of sitting at the terminal for an extra hour, we coughed up the dough to check out some classic planes.

Liam was ah-mazed at all the planes. He kept trying to climb in them all. I was running after him like a psycho! I’m sure the workers were keeping their eyes on us because some of these planes were historic.

Bill got up close and personal with one of the engines.

There was a little science section and Natalie had fun not doing the experiments properly. Whatever keeps her happy. 🙂

Then as we were leaving Liam made us go to every plane that was outside to take a picture. He kept saying  “Now do this one! Now this one!” It was cute.

And the score of the week – astronaut ice cream. I just about bought out the entire bin! That was MY FAVORITE TREAT as a child. Brought back some great memories.

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