It should be the other way around… but every morning my kids bring me my vitamins. I always get a kick out of it because they are just so excited to hand them off. I can hear them racing from the kitchen with my Flintstones chewables and calcium gummies. Yes – I take the same vitamins they do. No – I’m not ashamed to admit it.

So, Natalie is off to school and I just received a package in the mail. Sam Edelman is doing a local promotion and asked me to take part in it. I have been invited to visit several Long Island favorites while wearing these puppies. I had no idea what the shoes were going to look like so when knee high black boots arrived a tear slowly fell down my cheek. I’ve been painfully searching for a pair over the last few weeks and I couldn’t find one that I liked.

The search is over.

I will keep you posted on what adventures I take with my Sammys on. Stay tuned!

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