Molly – $84

Dahlia Bracelet – $42

3. Statement jewelry pieces: Think of jewelry like conversation points. If you are wearing a simple gold chain, it really won’t spark much interest. BUT if you decide to show off a little of your personality with a statement piece, now we’re talking – LITERALLY.


244. Body Enhancing Shapewear: Yeah, I said it. Don’t be afraid to put a little effort before you actually work on your outfit. If you have the right support underneath your clothing, it will help with how the clothing falls on your body. Take Donna Karan’ leggings/outerwear for busy moms on the go. The pieces are ideal for all moms who want to look slim without sacrificing comfort or breaking the bank. At a reasonable $24 Donna Karan shape wear is a must-have for women everywhere.

(Black Foldable Shoes – $19.95)

5. Don’t Forget About Comfort: Be smart about carrying flats in your purse.

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