Are you a huge Adam Lambert fan? If you are, you already know about his infinity tattoo, which is the latest to be featured in the Pennyroyal Silver Signature Collection. The Pennyroyal Silver Signature Collection is a collection of jewelry based on collaborations with musical artists. They design an item of jewelry that holds special significance for them and the proceeds benefit charities of their choice. Past artists who have collaborated with Pennyroyal include Jack Black, Jordin Sparks and Jewel. This is actually Lambert’s second design for the collection. His first was a design based on another one of his tattoos. Lambert chose his infinity tattoo as the inspiration for this second piece because he feels it really represents the energy flow between his fans and himself when he is performing onstage. Lambert chose as his charity of choice because it benefits children in low-income schools.

This pendant is available exclusively at until October 31st. It costs $95.

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