I was fortunate enough to be part of a roundtable discussion with some tech-savvy writers and the Windows team at the Microsoft 2010 Open House recently. At this event, attendees were able to directly experience new software and hardware Microsoft has to offer and an informed team to answer any of our questions.

What particularly caught my eye was the wide variety of laptops available with Windows, in particular netbooks. I’ve always been a laptop user, but being a full-time student, it’s kind of a drag carrying it around. When I first started graduate school, I noticed that everyone was using a netbook- a smaller version of a laptop that is significantly lighter. So I purchased one at an extremely reasonable price of $299, and I find myself now using it as a primary computer- and not just for taking notes at school. I can go on Internet Explorer, use Windows, and have many of the same uses I would on an ordinary laptop. I absolutely love being able to carry one around in my purse, and I was fascinated by just how many available versions there are with Windows support.

I also had a chance to get a really close look at Internet Explorer 9, and I personally love it as a browser. It’s incredibly fast, and has a clean look to it that is simplistic and not difficult to understand. There are so many new treats and improvements going on over at Microsoft, and I’m excited to spend more time playing with it- especially the photo gallery that has some really cool features!

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