We all own sweaters. We also all get into a funk and wear them the same exact way over and over again. Here’s a few ideas on how you can change things up.

Pair a turtleneck with a tweed jacket.  A tweed jacket isn’t something a mom would wear on an daily basis. We just don’t dress UP that much. It’s usually reserved for social functions, a night out on the town or a business meeting. But check out how it looks paired with chinos. It WORKS! The turtleneck tones down the otherwise chic piece to something we all can use.

Wear a button down with a fitted cardigan. I always end up buying cardigans that are over-sized, bulky and with a built-in belt. This is a great piece to own because it adds structure and dimension. And don’t be afraid to have it cut high. Your rear end doesn’t always have to be hidden. In fact – where this cardigan cuts is quite flattering to the body.

With a tank, skirt and opaque tights.  I LOVE this look! It’s so put together yet it’s so easy to replicate. On sale now for $39 in case you don’t have a long cardigan.

With a belt! This is something I wake up wanting to do every morning and then end up wussing out by the time I brush my teeth. You add shape to your look… and a waist to your body. Sweaters can be very boxy and bulky. By wrapping a belt around the above sweater, the models’ shape becomes more noticeable. It’s sexy.

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