A frozen lunch bag? The perfect solution for your kids lunch! Or yours for that matter! There’s nothing worse than packing your kids lunch in the morning and looking for the ice pack…that is STILL in their backpack from yesterday so it’s not frozen! I’m a “new” kindergarten mom and it’s already happened to me several times. I can’t imagine how many times I’m going to search for that darn icepack over the next 15 years that I will have school age children! Thanks to Packit! No more searching!!

I love products that are created by moms. Packit was created by two moms that found a need for something and they set out to create it! It takes hard work and determination to see a product from an idea to an actual product….Trust me…I know…I’ve done it! Getting it into stores and into consumers hands is another issue. The girls from Packit have succeeded with a successful, useful product! Read their story here.

Packit lets you use, reuse, reuse and reuse. No more brown bags! Packit keeps it’s contents cold for up to 10 hours. This is so handy for lunches, drinks, baby bottles, medicine at school, work, sporting events or for travelling. Did I mention that it’s non-toxic and PVC/lead free? Unlike many of the ice packs that we are packing in our children’s lunches.

You can purchase the Packit lunch bag here or the Packit Bottle Service Wine Bag here.

*company sent sample for review

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