Last year my friend Julia Beck from Forty Weeks told me a little secret. We were shopping in Fresh and she was purchasing baskets of  holiday gifts for friends and family. I asked her why she did everything in one store and her answer stopped me in my tracks. Fresh has a rewards card – something like $50 free for every $500 you spend in the store. I’m not entirely sure that’s the math but you get the point.

She said she picks a new store every year and does all her shopping in one place so she can build up credit towards free goods! HELLO – how ingenious!

So instead of spending a little bit “here” and a little bit “there” – think about one store that fits your every need. Bring your list and get something for everyone… and then get a little something for yourself (FOR FREE) !!!

One more thing I want to mention – if Julia is a little shy of reaching a reward she will pre-puchase a hostess gift. She keeps extra candles in her house for whenever she gets invited for dinner at a friend’s  house. LOVE IT!

DO you have any holiday tips?

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