Press trips are bittersweet. They give me an opportunity to do things I might not have done otherwise… but they also take me away from my family. Natalie is in school now and although she is just in Kindergarten I don’t really want to keep pulling her out of class for nothing.

Tomorrow I head out to Hocking Hills in Ohio for 3 nights. I am going with another blogger and am really excited about the agenda!! If I’m being honest I did opt out of the canopy tour because I had a TERRIBLE experience while in Costa Rica thanks to my benign positional vertigo … but everything else is a GO!

I leave tomorrow morning nice and early. I am going to be updating the site on a nightly basis – excuse the lack of fashion and food posts. When I get home I’m going to do an insane amount of ‘Inside the Kitchen‘ posts!!!

PS – that pic is of Natalie in her Daisy troop. It’s a bit old but I never shared it before so I couldn’t help it.

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