LOVE this sign.  NEED THIS SIGN.

It’s just one of many you will find walking around the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. I’m having a wonderful time so far in Hocking Hills but my arrival has been one big test after the other.

My foundations opened up during flight and spilled all over 3 pairs of shoes that CANNOT be cleaned. My rainboots are fine on the outside… but INSIDE is a whole different story. My suede black boots – DONE. And my sneakers are…well I don’t really care about my sneakers if I’m being honest with you.

When I saw this sign though it made me smile a bit. Relax – it’s not the end of the world right? If I look at it in a positive way… it means I get to go shopping for a new pair of black knee highs, right?! 🙂

Last night we were walked through a beer and wine tasting event. The owner of RockMill Brewery was kind enough to teach us a bit about his beer line and I kept thinking about my husband. He is a BEER FREAK! I am going to see if I can bring one of his bottles home with me on the plane. Not sure if that is legal or not!

I even had a sip in honor of Bill.

The night ended with a blackberry cobbler I would now officially kill for. I mean OUT OF CONTROL. Right now I’m heading down to breakfast and cannot wait to see what they cooked for us.

Until tomorrow!!

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