I’ve become very aware of my carbon footprint as of late. I try to do all that I can without having it interfere with my life. I would love to use washable diapers… but that just ain’t gonna happen.

So I make adjustments where I see fit – and one place that I found easy to correct was my travel cases. A few months ago, if I was packing for a trip, I would have a gazillion Ziploc bags housing my make up. I think I used about 5 of them to store everything from toothpaste to eyeliner to medication. Now I use my old Chinese take-out containers! It’s one of our favorite foods and I hate to just throw them all away. So this is their new function and I LOVE it because it’s reusable and I save money on replenishing my Ziploc stash.

Do you have any tips for travel storage? Would love to hear them!

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