You aren’t going to believe what happened to me this morning! Let me start off by saying that I have a VERY sensitive stomach. My husband makes fun of me because I can’t really drink tea or take vitamins unless I have food in it. Well, this morning I wasn’t thinking when my son brought me a Flintstones vitamin. I take one every morning with the kids to show them that it’s part of our lives as well.

I was in the middle of searching for something and I just popped it in my mouth even though I didn’t have breakfast yet and within 3 minutes I was throwing UP in the sink. I mean – is that CR-AZY?  It’s not like this issue interferes with my life. I just know what I can and cannot do. This morning I forgot because I have a lot of issues going on with one of my other sites and my body just completely rejected the vitamin.

Bill thinks I should go see a doctor but I wanted to find out from all of you if you get the same sensation on an empty stomach?

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