I have combination skin which is typical for most women… but my combo  is like the desert meeting a tropical rain forest. As an individual, I”m an extremist so it’s no surprise that my skin follows suit.

On a recent trip to Sag Harbor with OnStar I had a one-on-one beauty consult with a makeup artist and he gave me a few great tips that I’m finally using. I don’t know why but it takes me like 3 weeks to do anything… but it does!!!

For my oily skin, he suggested MAC’s Blotting Powder ($22). The pressed powder comes in compact form and doesn’t add any additional color to your face. It is not a substitute for makeup. In fact, the powder should go on after you apply your foundation. You can carry around the compact with you for quick touch ups throughout the day.

Two days ago I bought the blot powder and gave it a shot. No shine! I was so excited because I am OBSESSED with killing a shiny forehead.

Do you have oily skin? What are some of your tips for managing the glare?

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