Jeggings are… AWESOME. Have you started wearing them yet? Jeggings are a cross between spandex pants and jeans and prices range anywhere from $49 to $200. They are always in skinny jean form and can be paired with knee high boots, flats, or a rocking pair of high heels.

Here are some of my favorite jeggings online:

American Eagle – $49

Guess – $79

Some jeggings come without a button and zipper – which is how I LIKE ‘EM! It’s like wearing pregnancy jeans… but not having to be pregnant.

Miracle Body – $88

J Brand – $196

And before I go onto what you should wear with jeggings, I have to tell you that sometimes a store will file them under “denim leggings”. So jeggings and denim leggings are synonymous.

Onto what you should pair with jeggings. Personally, I always like to wear a longer sweater and a thin sweater when I wear stretch pants, so I follow suit when I have on denim leggings.

Since we are heading into the holidays I had to post this picture from Nordstrom.  Sequin top paired with a simple (but long) 3/4 sweater equals perfection.

Here’s a more casual look for everyday wear. I love how loosely wrapped this sweater is. Again just swap out your stretch pants or jeans for a pair of jeggings. You are good to go.

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