Tis the season for the fluctuating waistline. We just left Thanksgiving in the dust and most of us probably have a few extra pounds as a reminder of all the good food. Check out this neat invention for pants that need a little adjusting.

The Instant Button looks like your average jeans button. The difference? Its removable. You can attach it to accommodate a larger waistline or a smaller one. No more tossing your favorite clothes to the back of the closet when your weight fluctuates. Now, you can just adjust the button and continue wearing them. This is especially awesome for women who have wide hips and small waistlines. Most jeans don’t accommodate these proportions and leave a gap in the back that is not only unsightly, but embarrassing when you bend over. Belts are sometimes too bulky. The Instant Button solves this problem, easily. The Instant Button has been featured in the O Magazine, as well as the View, The Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show and Woman’s World.

Even if you’ve never had problems with fit, these are perfect for if buttons pop off and get lost from your clothing. You no longer need to think about having to sew them back on. The Instant Button solves that problem, too. You can also wear it with low cut tops or as a brooch on shawls and scarves. Get creative with yours!

For the upcoming holiday season, these are great stocking stuffers for the woman or girl who has everything. Check it out at www.instantbutton.com.

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