I went to a new hair salon yesterday to make an appointment to get my hair colored. My last appointment completely missed the mark and I got DARK DARK brown when I asked for honey highlights. I’m not that person that has the guts to go back to the salon and ask to fix a mistake. WISH I WAS!!! Instead, I just sucked it up the last three months HATING my hair for weeks on end.

But now…  I’ve officially moved onto a new place which is highly recommended by friends. I went in for a hair color appointment and couldn’t get one for almost a MONTH. I was like… seriously? She’s that busy?! I guess there’s something to be said about that.

While I reserving my slot AFTER CHRISTMAS I asked about The Brazilian Blowout. I got my hair done with Keratin in the past, but I think the guy who did it messed up because my results were nothing like those I’ve seen on other people. I figured to give it one more shot.

The Brazilian Blowout is a much better process than the one I did when it first came out. There is no 3 to 4 day WAIT to touch your hair. When I got it done last year, I wasn’t allowed to move my hair – no bobby pins, no sunglasses, no tucking hair behind your ear. I was going INSANE. You don’t notice how much you touch your hair until you aren’t allowed to touch your hair!
So, I never tried again because I didn’t want to go through the waiting period. But this is an entirely different ballgame so I’m giving it a go.

Will let you know how it is! Hoping the frizz gets tamed this time. EEK!

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