If you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere warm this holiday season, you’re gonna love this. Plattoes Sandals are versatile sandals that you can design in a bunch of different ways for the look that suits your outfit. Already featured on The Today Show, these sandals create a host of shoe options for you without you having to pack several pairs of bulky shoes.

The Plattoes Sandal comes in 5 base sizes, depending on the heel. You can have a 2 inch heel, a 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch or 5 inch heel or choose to go with the flat sandal. My favorite is the flat sandal. You can then choose a variety of ribbons to go with them. You can choose a flat ribbon or a gathered one, a solid color or a print. They come in a wide variety of colors. Then, you simply insert the ribbon into the hooks on the sandal in the design you want and voila! You have a sandal. Don’t worry…..it comes with an instruction sheet to show you a bunch of ways to insert the ribbons. This sandal is great for taking on vacations because packing a base with a few ribbons to match your outfits doesn’t take that much room in your suitcase, but leaves you with the option of more than one shoe. Its also super comfortable so its perfect for strolling around your vacation destination.

For more information or to see prices, go to www.plattoes.com.

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