Look at my husband’s FACE. I mean – I couldn’t get over how BADLY he cut his upper lip while shaving. It bled for 3 days straight. If he tried to take off that piece of paper he suddenly became the lead of some very creepy zombie movie.

We went EVERYWHERE looking for a styptic pen. These things are like GOLD. I mean – no one had them. I never really heard of a styptic pen, but basically it stops a cut from bleeding. Finally, we hit up ‘The Art of Shaving’ in the mall and found a BAR that will last my husband 20 years (or so says the salesman).

This is one of MANY pictures we have with the kids while at Natalie’s school during their Holiday Concert. I told Bill I’m going to blow a few of these shots up and place them around the house. LOL! Something to laugh about 20 years from now. 🙂

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