There’s a computer store by my house that my husband is all too familiar with. You see, I keep burning out my computer fans. I use my laptop for about 10 hours a day and this poor thing can’t handle the pressure!

About once a month I either burn out or break my laptop fan. Bill goes back and one of the sales assistants usually yell “SHE DID IT AGAIN!?”

They can’t believe it. I’m like an enigma. We’ve tried a variety of brands — all the same. Bill went yesterday to get me YET ANOTHER FAN and this time he came back with three. He said they were having a 50% off sale and we might as well stock up.

I laughed.

But he made a good point. 🙂

I bought a MAC computer and tried to work on it but it lacks certain functions I need to batch edit photos etc. Maybe I just don’t know HOW to do it which is quite possible, but being on my laptop saves me OODLES of time when I write on my blogs. I literally could work with my eyes closed. I still fumble with the MAC. One day I’ll sit down and figure that puppy out.

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