Yesterday I ran to the mall to try to buy a winter coat. The ones I have don’t really go with Uggs – which is what I typically wear during the colder months. I needed something casual but still girly. I had a gift card from Macy’s with $195 on it so I thought it would be best to take my chances there.

I’m not even going to talk about the madness that was the parking lot.

Once I made it into the store I found a really nice coat that was originally $299 reduced to $99. This was the one I would buy.

I headed over to the register and handed the lady my card. She said there’s a $.34 balance and I thought that’s what I had to pay. So I handed her a dollar still confused that my card was half empty.

She then told me that the card had $.34 on it – not that I owe her $.34. Again – I couldn’t process what she was saying and said she can throw out the card because I don’t want the $.34. I swear this woman probably thinks I’m insane.

Finally she spoke as slowly as she could and told me that I still owe her like $98 bucks because there was nothing on the card.


What do you mean?

What happened to my money?

Apparently I spent it a long time ago and forget to throw the card out.  I was so BUMMED! But I still really needed the coat. I ended up getting 20% off because I used my Macy’s card and they had an extra promotion. So from $300 to $80 something – not bad.

Getting it for free on the gift card would have obviously been better – but it is what it is. 🙂 Have you ever had a moment like this where you couldn’t PROCESS what someone was saying because it was so FAR OFF from what you were initially thinking?

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