Remember the days before computer and video games when kids actually interacted with each other? Such a long time ago, right? Well, encourage your kids to stretch their imaginations and give them a fun board game for the holidays. Here are a few new ones that I particularly like:

Consensus (Junior Edition)- Ages 8+

This is a game of majority. The dealer chooses a card with a noun. Each player then casts their vote as to which adjective best describes that noun. The one with the most votes win. This game is simple enough for your little ones to grasp but engaging enough to keep them occupied for quite some time. It also won one of the “Ten Best Socially Responsible Products Awards” by Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, one of the world’s leading experts on toys, and children’s products.

LikeWise- Ages 14+

This game is simple. You turn over a description and a subject card. For example, let’s say you get Funny and Sitcoms. Each person writes down something that fits that category on their paddle. When everyone is done, the words are revealed and the most matched answer wins the round. The game comes with 6 paddles so up to 6 people can play at a time. I love that this game is simple so that many ages can play. It also doesn’t take long to figure out the concept of the game. It can give kids the chance to get their minds going and come up with creative answers. The packaging  is also made in the USA of 100% post-consumer recycled board.

Consensus (Movie Edition)-Ages 17+

This is an awesome game for teenagers and adult movie buffs. There’s a board where each player can progress according to the success of the answers. Each player can vote on the answer to the question and explain their choice. For example, the question might be “Which movie would a guy most likely take a girl to see on a date?” Each player looks at the cards and casts a vote for the best answer. The ones with the most votes win. This game takes about 30 minutes to play and is sure to lead to playful debates over the movie choices.

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