That’s it. I’m done. DONE. Last night I tried to put on a pair of skinny jeans AND COULDN’T BUTTON THEM. Do you hear me? I’m now out of the size that I settled with after I couldn’t get into my original size after having children. Wait. What?

I know I will never be the pre-baby me. But I at least will like the stick to the post-baby me. Not into hopping up ANOTHER SIZE.

Deep. Deep Breath.

UGH – damn the holidays. DAMN THEM!

I did really great on Weight Watchers after I had Natalie. Actually got down to a new low for me. All I want to lose is 9 pounds. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE, but it has to happen.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and she said Weight Watchers completely changed their program. There’s a new point system in place. Fruits and vegetables are zero points which is really great to hear. Snacks are a bit higher and I think she said they are now including protein in their calculations.

I can’t even write another post until I do this. Heading out right now and then will return with some fashion fun. 🙂

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