Ok I promise I won’t talk about the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus food plan for the rest of my life. Give me about one more week and I will get bored with the updates. HOWEVER, I did want to write and say that I lost 4 pounds in 3 days all thanks to PointsPlus. This is NOT typical of dieting I know, but I was being such a HOG the last few weeks and my body was NOT used to that amount of consumption. I have NEVER EVER been this heavy in my life except for when I came home from the hospital after having my two children.

So, the slight adjustments I made have brought me down to where I was before the holidays. The 4 pounds were unnatural for me and that’s why they came off so easily.

I’m still stuck with the original 5 pounds that will actually require some work on my part to lose. Those bad boys have been clinging onto my hips for the last year and won’t go away because I never did anything  EXTRA to take them off. Well, game on my friends… game on.

SO – what did I do over the last few days?

  • Only had one Starbucks BTL a day – (and counted for the points of course)
  • Snacked on sugar free jello and coolwhip — why did I ever stop doing this? This was such a hit for me the last time I did the plan in 2005. Instead of snorting a Devil Dog, I just make one of these each night and it satisfies my sweet tooth.
  • Unsweetened Apple Sauce is a girl’s best friend. I found Mott’s Granny Smith Apple Sauce and MY WORD is it good!!!!
  • Started to drink diet iced tea (which I am SOOOOO AGAINST – but desperate times call for desperate measures) I am NOT a diet girl. I am afraid of the chemicals and don’t really like the taste. But I’m sucking it up because I need to get through this.
  • Cooked Weight Watchers meals – I’ve made lemon pasta (which I will post), light chicken salad, and started to eat yogurt again. If you’ve read my blog for a while you will know that I stopped eating dairy for about 2 years. I’ve slowly gone back to normal – except yogurt and milk. I’ve been avoiding those two things like the plague – but again, I shook it off and got back on track. I’m not enjoying eating greek yogurt. My mind still races with each bite, but I’m trying to quite myself and let it all go. Damn those vegan books. Damn them.
  • I also got Weight Watchers Chocolate Ice Pops and cubed them in a bowl with sliced bananas and cool whip – For 3 points I can almost feel like I’m eating a sundae.
  • Did I mention not having 2 or 3 BTLs a day? Thats 600 calories off my diet right there. I know this is the biggest reason for my gain.
  • Portion Control!!! I use measurement cups now when I serve myself.
  • Cooking with tea instead of oil. I always do this – but now I make sure to remember every meal. A tablespoon of oil is 3 points on WW. Tea is FREE and does the same thing. You can brown meat in it. If you are cooking garlic and onion – you still need oil. The tea is really just for chicken.

Now you see why it dropped so easily. I haven’t started exercising yet, but am CONSIDERING going for brisk walks. I will never say that I am going to become a jogger, because that will NEVER happen. But the thought of me going for a walk has crossed my mind a few times.

If I come up with any snack tips for PointsPlus, I will let you know.

Oh and I made butternut squash soup with curry – but don’t particularly like the taste. Bill said he did and would eat it, but I will share the recipe later on this week as well. I think it’s zero points??? Have to check on that.

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