I’m 33 years old and last week was the first time I ever played ‘Dirty Santa’. Both my husband and my mother have been playing this games for years at work, but I just never had the opportunity.Well, during this month’s Bunko meet up, we got down to business – and I practically had an anxiety attack!

LOL! Have you ever played ‘Dirty Santa’ before? Basically everyone in the room picks a number and you each open up a present following the order. BUT if someone doesn’t want to open up a new present, they can STEAL one that’s opened already.

SO if you opened a present and loved it, it might not be yours to keep. You have to just hope and pray no one takes it from you. FORGET IT – I was like convulsing in my seat. Dirty Santa indeed!!

There were 12 girls that night and I wound up with number 11. So only two people could steal from me and thankfully they didn’t because I really liked the necklace I picked.

Here’s the rundown of ‘Dirty Santa’ rules in case you want to give it a try this holiday season.

  • Everyone brings a gift valued at X. We say $25.
  • Write a number for each person that’s playing and fold the papers. One at at time go around the room allowing people to choose their order.
  • Number 1 goes first and cannot steal anything. They open up a gift and wait.
  • Number 2 goes and can either steal number 1’s gift OR open up a new one.
  • Number 3 goes and can steal from 1 or 2 if they like. Or they can choose a new one.
  • Continue the sequence until everyone has a gift.
  • A gift cannot be stolen more than 3 times. So if a pair of earrings is stolen 3 times, that item then becomes safe and remains with the last thief.
  • If you have an item stolen you just pick a new one.
  • Number 1 at the end of the game can either steal a gift that hasn’t be stolen 3 times or keep their own gift.

Here’s the thing… if your gift doesn’t get stolen you feel kind of funny. If you get a gift stolen from you it can be upsetting. Maybe I’m just sensitive since it was my first time playing. But I was sweating the whole time – I’m serious! LOL!

Do you play ‘Dirty Santa’? What do you think about the game? I will play again if asked, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. I understand it’s just a game, but seriously it was intense. LOL!!!!

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