Last night I tried to get the majority of my baking done for today. I knew today would FLY by and I’m hosting Christmas Eve, so I didn’t want to be without dessert. I ended up making carrot cake cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and these lemon ricotta cookies that are to DIE for. I took pictures and will post early next week.

They are my new favorite dessert!

This morning I have to make the appetizers which are almost all cold except for this pear / gorgonzola tart that I’m cooking and whoopie pies. I’m terrified of the whoopie pies because I’ve never done then before and I have a bad feeling that they aren’t going to come out right.

I might look one more time through my cookbooks and make a last minute change??? AGH!

Right now I’m heading to a meeting and then it’s me and my oven until my family arrives.


Last night, I caught “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel. I’ve officially run out of programs to tape. I think we are down to like 3 shows a week which is so pathetic and LEAVES ME WATCHING LIVE TELEVISION WHICH I HATE. But last night, I am happy I had no choice because that show is ah-mazing. Talk about giving an old story a new twist. They did a really great job deciphering old folklore like genies in a bottle and of COURSE touched on the Mayan Calendar. Don’t get me started but I no longer believe the world will end in December of 2012. Ok, maybe I never REALLY whole heartily believed that — but this show has convinced me otherwise.

I don’t want to start rambling and sounding insane, but I do want to tell you to check it out. It was a great show and I think there’s a new one each Thursday? Check your listings to make sure.

I probably won’t post again — so Merry Christmas eve!! πŸ™‚ And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful Friday!!

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