I have no idea who gave my children stamps for Christmas. I’m thinking it came from school as part of a goodie bag or holiday activity. But when I woke up on Sunday morning, the kids had stamped their entire bodies. Natalie had 10x more than Liam, but Liam was so giddy over what he had done, that I had to share his shot. So funny!

I hosted Christmas Eve and cooked up a few dishes which I will share throughout the week. We had a ton of fun, but MAN was my house a mess the next morning. I guess that’s what ripping apart presents is all about, right?

This year, the kids got a lot of toys and I explained to them that we have to give most of their old toys away to the poor. Natalie was not happy about it, but I explained how some children don’t get any presents and it would be nice to share some of the ones we have. We grabbed a bunch of garbage bags and went to town on our basement. I think we bagged about 8 bags of toys. Bill is going to call around and schedule a pick up for next week.

This week is shot because of the 9 tons of snow we got last night. Oh my word! Everyone is outside right now playing and I am trying to wrap up my three sites and see if I can join them. Bill went food shopping very early yesterday morning and I am so happy he did because there is NO WAY I was going to get in my car today.

Did you get any snow?

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