You know things are really bad when you write a title for your post and then go online to research where the term “stir crazy” came from. Talk about desperation for some stimulation.

The kids and I have ripped opened every single one of their new toys and played with them about 60 times each. If I play the Uno Moo Farm Animal Matching Game one more time … I think I am going to lose it. A friend asked me to come to her house today, but I’m still too scared to take the kids on the roads. They’ve been cleaned up since the blizzard, but now there’s a lot of ice and I’m not so sure it’s worth it.

I’m THIS CLOSE to booking a facial since I have a gift card that is on FIRE right now. It’s BEGGING me to use it just so I have something to do. Last night, I bought an XBOX 360 game because I got the urge to play and didn’t own anything to use. It was on sale on Amazon, so now I wait for its arrival.

The kids are enjoying themselves of course, but there’s only so many snowmen we can make. LOL!  I’m ready for some hot weather to melt most of this snow away. AND TO THINK – it’s only our FIRST STORM.

What do you do when you are stuck inside? Please don’t tell me to surf the net because I do that all day for WORK. LOLOLOLOL!

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