I read online today that temporary tattoos are going to be BIG next year. Designers are planning on using them in their advertisements and companies are going to make a big push to consumers and celebrities alike. Brands like Chanel are even coming out with their own high-end temporary tattoo lines and it got me thinking – is this something you might consider doing?

A few months ago I was sent a temporary tattoo kit to review (without asking for it) and didn’t even open it up. I’m not sure I’m going to jump on this trend. Considering I have a real tattoo of my own, it just doesn’t make much sense for me.

My guess is the younger generation will embrace temporary tattoos – especially from designer brands. I believe Beyonce is rocking a TON for one of her House of Dereon ads. And we all know once the celebs start to do it, their fans will follow.

What’s your take? Do you think temporary tattoos are going to be big this year? Will you spend more for a designer brand’s version?

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