There’s a party with your name on it tonight and you still don’t know what to wear.  EEK! Maybe last week you weren’t on your best eating behavior (join the club). Want a really easy tip on how you can use your clothes to shield those extra pounds? Wear the same color throughout. Choose a color you love and go with it – all grey, all black, all beige (or if you aren’t boring like me) — choose something brighter!

When you wear different colors, the eye is able to differentiate regions and typically settles somewhere in the middle of your body. That’s where the color divides right — a red shirt with jeans. The split happens around the waist. When you wear all one color – there’s nothing DRAWING a wandering eye in. So people tend to focus on the area that’s different – which would be your face!

It’s a really easy tip and one that I use often.

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